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Hey, Small Businesses and Startups: 
Don't make the same mistakes I did. 
Learn from them.
I achieved success the hard way. You don't have to. Because now, you've goth the kind of adviser I wish I had starting out.

Me, Stevan Browning. Someone who has  been through it all: good, bad, ugly.  Now all good. Someone who can:
  • Quickly size up your business and laser in on what needs to happen. Right Now!
  • Show you where to focus your limited resources so every last penny pays off.
  • Save your scads of money and wasted effort on worthless tools and dead-end strategies
  • Show you how to create a plan, develop your product or service, market it, avoid costly mistakes, and secure your future with it!
    “Stevan is one of the most talented businessmen I have known. He is conscientious about the health of the business while being an engaging and supportive adviser." 
     — Dr. Margery Mayer
    "Five Fatal Small Business Blunders"
    Please tell me you're not doing any or all of theses five business killers. Find out now before any further damage is done! I just need your name and email (It won't be shared, sold or compromised in any way. I assure you.) Enter it here and I'll send your report promptly:
    So Why Trust My Business Acumen?
    You don't, or you shouldn't. Not until your FREE 30-minute consultation. During our talk, I may surprise your with my incisive assessment of your enterprise and how to grow it. Ditto with what your customers want. How would I know? Three decades of experience has taught me this: technology changes, products change, people don't. I'll share those secrets. And more. Remember, it want cost you. And you'll discover how easy I am to talk with, how totally focused I become on illuminating your path to success.
    My Guidance Won't Cost You Much, Either. Here's Why:
    I've been fortunate. My experience, my perseverance, my acquired knowledge and skills have really paid off for me. Now it's time to give back a bit. Share some of that wisdom and where-with-all with small businesses and startups at nominal cost. And I mean that.

    But please note: I can only take on a handful of clients at once. My time is limited. I don't see any point in over-scheduling and diluting my attention to your needs. When my client roster fills, this site goes offline until I'm free to take on new ones. 
    “Stevan Browning is a business person with true heart and soul. Working with Stevan is satisfying and rewarding, both personally and professionally." 
     — Melinda Nelson Editor
    So please STOP! Don't spend another minute, another nickel, on reinventing the wheel, trial-and-error setbacks, and the bottomless sinkhole of costly detours…when the trail has already been blazed for you.
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