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Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What exactly Browning Business Management does?

A. Browning Business Management specializes in two main fields. We help established companies improve their performance and growth and we help start ups accelerate their kickoff. For established companies we have a special business consulting plan, and for start ups we offer shoulder to shoulder coaching.

Q. What industries you specialize in?

A.Based on our vast expertise and in-depth knowledge, we can offer extensive consultation and coaching services for any type of industry. That's because our work is not focused on teaching you your core field of action, but on how to handle your business management tasks across all areas – from HR and marketing, to IT and finance.

Q. What sets you apart from other consultants?

A. Our work is all about results. We encourage business leaders to look beyond their daily assignments and set goals they never previously dared to dream of. After setting the goals we use our unique business tools, insights and expertise to formulate the best strategy to achieve those goals.

Q. Will your services interfere or disrupt my employees' work?

A. Not at all. Our objective is to improve performance, processes and practices, not to disrupt them. All our consultation and coaching services will not interfere in any way with your daily activities.

Q. Who will be working with within our company?

AThroughout the consultation process we will be working both with the management team and employees. With the management team we will define the strategy and practical steps and with the employees we will implement the new business practices and tools.

Q. Who are your clients?

A. Browning Business Management provides strategic business advisory services to small and middle market businesses, start-ups and non-profits. We engage business owners and senior managers in an intensive, collaborative process to identify and resolve any issues and challenges that may be preventing them from achieving their fullest potential.

Q. What if our company is too small to work with?

A. No business, organization or start up is too small to work with. In fact, the smaller the company the faster its expected growth and easier the implementation process. Moreover, the ambition to get better and grow is not directly related with size or financial abilities. Whether your goals are personal or professional, if your ambition is strong enough, we will move very fast beyond your comfort zone, improving your competitive abilities.

Q. What is the difference between consulting and coaching?

A. In some cases they can be pretty similar and sometimes coaching turns over time into consultation. In general terms, consultation focuses on strategic management aspects that are designed to improve performance, systems and practices in already established organizations. Coaching is more about the practical training of young or less experienced entrepreneurs looking to kick off their ventures with higher success prospects.

Q. Do you service clients only in a particular geographic area?

A. Browning Business Management services are provided mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Q. What if we are on a tight budget?

A. Our services are reasonable priced and are tailored to each client's specific needs. Although we will do our best to make the best offer, our main focus is on delivering high value rather than low prices.

Q. How can we ensure that our information doesn't leak?

A.Trust and confidentiality are at the heart of everything we do. Browning Business Management couldn't have built its strong reputation and market positioning without keeping our clients' information strictly secret. Moreover, once we start our collaboration we can send you a non-disclosure agreement to put your mind at ease.
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