Guidance for Ambitious Business Endeavors

Browning Business Management
Helping Start-ups and Emerging Small Companies Grow and Scale into Profitable and Sustainable Enterprises
Remove the Obstacle to Your Success
The kickoff of a new small business, or the expansion of an existing one is an extremely exciting experience. It involves vision, passion, hope and ambition. It's about converting your own original ideas into a real new business and eventually into a source of abruptly growing income. 
As a founder or co-founder you want to get your idea off the ground in the shortest time, with the best team and with the least possible expense.  

In your head you know exactly where you're heading to and how success looks. 
    The problem is that with the excitement come lots of duties and responsibilities, some of them in areas you have little or no experience in. Within a short while you may find yourself so overwhelmed with details and small tasks that your business may hit the plateau, the spirit may die out and mediocrity may start feeling comfortable. Don't let this happen to your business.  
    The Challenging Point of No Return

    Most small business start-ups and emerging small companies begin with a modest budget, and with a small group of motivated employees. The first mission for new start-ups is usually to acquire a few initial paying customers. For growing companies its about increased revenue and bottomline profits. It may not seem necessary for either at this stage to get specialized guidance.  Right?

    Wrong! The reality is that is this is when they need help the most.  
    As a small business owner or leader you may excel in many areas, but there will always be important strategic, marketing, operational, or financial aspects they you will be lacking the minimum competence to deal with To cope with these challenges and respond effectively to complex and unpredictable market changes, you need to collaborate with the best experts. You need to join forces and resources, constantly improving your competitive performance.
    About half (51.6%) of all small  businesses in the U.S. fail within five years of starting, over 20% of start-ups fail to make it to Year 2.

    Browning Business Management can help you minimize these deficits, optimizing performance and boosting competitive abilities right from the beginning. 
    The Power of the Collaborative Approach
    As your coach and consulting advisor I understand what you have committed to and hold you accountable. I will force you out of your comfort zone and show you how to think strategically and not just tactically. By considering my guidance as an investment for the future stability and growth of your company, you can easily understand why so many of biggest companies have use consulting advisors for their endeavors right from day one.

    My unique approach has been designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of business all stages. My services blend high-level consulting with practical advice to make sure your vision is realized. Whether you’re a start-up formulating its initial strategy or an established enterprise looking to expand, I will tailor programs to meet your specific needs.
    Start-up Planning 
    • Strategy
    • Entity Selection
    • Business Planing
    • Financial Modeling
    • Leadership Structure
    • Initial Client Acquisition
    • Product/Service Fulfillment
    • Proof of Concept Validation
    • Customer Service/Support
    Operational Development
    • Sales & Marketing - Branding, positioning, and demand creation
    • Human Resources - Hiring, training, benefits and compliance
    • Financial Management -Accounting, billing, cash flow an taxes
    • Leadership - Teams, alignment, and accountability
    • Systems, workflow processes, automation, monitoring of key performance indicators
    Leadership & Growth
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Goal Setting
    • Effective Communication
    • Decision Making
    • Leadership Alignment
    • Team Accountability
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Demand Creation 
    • Growth Acceleration
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Maximizing Revenue and Profits
    Let's Get Started
    Our mission is to make sure you have all of the tools and knowledge needed to motivate you and your entire team with a clear and compelling plan of action and priorities, cutting right to the heart of what is needed to start, run, or scale your business.

    As a certified One Page® Planning Professionals we can provide the management tools, planning tools, and measurement tools your business needs to develop a team of involved and evolving business leaders. A team that think and act fast in a competitive market and even more importantly– align your strategy and marketing staging your business for long-term success and sustainability. The immediate benefits:
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